Its the reality when the real world gets in the way of blogging that I realize I haven't had five minutes since mid October to do a single post or finish the one's I'd been working on when everything in my life got so crazy that I haven't had the time to even think about blogging.

I've been feeling a big chunk of me has been missing lately and I realized that I've been so caught up with life stuff that I haven't been able to pick up a book to read it or sit down and express how I feel about it.

That's what I've been missing. I lost a fundamental part of me for awhile, but I realize that I need that part of me in my life. No matter how lost I am in the burdens of what I'm having to deal with I'm trying to find time in my very limited schedule to read books and write reviews again. I need that part of me back.

So here I am trying to play catch up. Hope you all have been well. Love to everyone.