Sons of Flame MC - Redemption by Ashley Rhodes

Sons of Flame MC - Redemption - Ashley Rhodes




Author: Ashley Rhodes

Title:  Redemption 

Series: Sons of Flame MC

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Tess Bailey will never forget the day that Eli Flint burst into her life. He's a hard man, tempered by a life lived on the edge - but Tess sees something in his intense blue eyes; something that grabs her and just won't let go.

Eli's an ex-con; he served three years for selling guns as a member of the notorious Sons of Flame MC. Now he's out, and he wants to put his past behind him and move on.

Of course it's not that easy. It's never that easy.

Tess is Eli's probation officer. Young and idealistic, she's determined not to become as jaded as her coworkers. She deals with some of the most difficult and dangerous men - men who have always lived a life of crime, men for whom that life is all they know, and ever will know.

But Eli's different.

Underneath his tough, spiky exterior, Tess senses a man who wants to improve himself, who wants something better from life.

However, when Tex, the cruel and bitter leader of the Sons of Flame, blackmails Eli into working for him once more, Eli is forced back into the life he's trying to leave behind. And Tess, the woman Eli is falling for, is unwittingly drawn into this dangerous world with him...





The rating for this one was mainly my fault I think or well, it was actually bad timing. Oddly enough I had just finished watching the news on television when I started reading this book. The biggest thing that kept being played was a special about a guy in prison having a sexual involvement with a female guard who worked at the prison he was at and how she got in trouble because cops that work in the prison aren't supposed to have inappropriate relationships with the prisoners. Then I go and pick up this book and essentially get the same thing except the female is a parole officer etc.

So the entire time I'm reading this book that's all I can think about is seeing this news report on tv and my mind just kept going there.

Redemption is written fairly well and its characters are good and I liked the story but at the same time I wish I hadn't watched the news prior to reading this book. So sorry Rhodes, that kinda affected how I mentally saw this book play out in my mind. It was too odd a mesh between fiction and reality. I may have to come back to this one later on.




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