Sex Therapy by Jillian Quinn




Author: Jillian Quinn

Title: Sex Therapy

Series: City of Sinners

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Lie down on my couch and spread your legs for me…

As the most respected sex therapist in Philadelphia, Dr. Jackson King has earned himself a reputation. His patients call him The Sex Doctor, the perfect name for a man who not only fixes marriages but also hands out orgasms on his lunch breaks.

He’s hot and impatient, insatiable and dominant. Underneath his confident swagger is a man with a real problem, an addiction Jackson can’t kick. He likes the man he has become, embraces his urges.

After five years apart, the girl who turned Jackson into the womanizer he is today is back in his life and ready to make up for lost times. To get to the root of the problem, Chloe will have to submit to Jackson and fulfill his every desire. If she does, Jackson will teach Chloe the true meaning of Sex Therapy.





I wanted to like this book more than I did but the whole revenge sex and the emotional best served cold turn over didn't quite mesh with me personally. I get all the hurt and using this facade as a defense but there's a point when the line of thinking and the acceptance of it regardless of how what she did effected him out of the blue really felt like a child in a tantrum.

The whole new personality 'manwhore' thing wasn't in a seductive way when it comes to the sex and using the sex manipulation to his advantage. It was kind of off putting after awhile and Chloe felt too hollow and too robotic for me to really like her as a character. I didn't like Jackson and Chloe as a couple, it wasn't worth it to me for them to be together.




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