Stampede of Love (Long Valley #2.5) by Erin Wright



Author: Erin Wright

TitleStampede of Love

Series: Long Valley

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Eight seconds...
That’s all Rex Kingsley wants. Eight seconds on the back of Bodacious, the most feared bull in the PBR. Two years ago, the massive bull threw him and stomped him into the sands of the Tulsa Rodeo in front of ten thousand spectators. Rex survived. Barely. Now his single goal is to conquer the bull touted as “unbeatable.”  No bull rider has lasted eight seconds on Bodacious’ back for over five years. Rex aims to break that streak, and his lofty ambition leaves no room in his life for a woman.

Until Kimber...
Kimber Adams just wants to celebrate her birthday with friends. A few drinks. Maybe a spin on the dance floor. But when she falls into Rex’s arms, literally, her plans change. She and Rex share a night of passion but the handsome cowboy wants more. Kimber’s no stranger to the perils of bull riding, though. She makes it clear that Rex needs to choose between eight seconds on Bodacious or a lifetime with her.






I'd just like to take a minute to rub this novella in the faces of all the readers out there who don't follow author web pages and newsletters.

Heh, okay I had my fun.. Seriously though, if you're a fan of Erin Wright or if you haven't read her books before you still have a chance to get a copy of Stampede of Love as well.Just sign up to follow her newsletter and your copy will be emailed to you.

Don't forget just because its a free book doesn't mean that it doesn't need love like the rest.

That being said Stampede of Love is one of those kismet love stories. No matter what goes on the h/h are drawn together by fate no matter what their intentions are. Its rather cute and fun its a quickie but that doesn't mean that Kimber and Rex can't have a HEA. I rather liked Rex as a character he was irritating but he was seductive and despite a few flaws he's one of those guys you can't say no to even if you want to.




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