Darkest Hour (DARC Ops 0.5) by Jamie Garrett



AuthorJamie Garrett

Title: Darkest Hour

Series: DARC Ops

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He was a Navy SEAL, a damn good one. It was all he knew how to be, until the fateful day that changed everything.

Jackson Archer’s life, and the lives of the men under his command, was changed forever that day in Tripoli. Medically discharged from the SEALs and silenced by a corrupt mission commander, he sinks into a deep depression.

Until reporter Annica Lawson starts asking questions.

She seems to know all about what happened that day—to him, Tansy, Jasper, and Matthias. Things Jackson’s never told anyone outside of his command. The sexy reporter awakens things in Jackson, things he thought were maybe dead for good.

Annica offers them a chance to tell their story, to clear their names. But is she really after the truth, or is she working for those who want to silence them for good?




Broken hero JA is damaged goods, has a story to tell, and a confession to make. Of course it has to take the right girl to drag it out of him before he'd ever risk anything including the lives of his men by exposing their past deeds. Luckily there's someone to bat their lashes at him. JA crumbles instantly. Thank god he's not a prisoner of war or he'd be in deep shit including the men under his command. But its a sloppy wet kiss romance kind of thing and as they say the truth will out - even if its by the nosy reporter who will do anything to uncover it.



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