Uknown Money

So I got this in the mail today...


I know it doesn't have to do with books and I usually avoid political involvement online because it gets me no where when you're discussing such a serious issue with a faceless person on the internet but there's just one thing about this whole thing that I keep wondering. 






The included survey have questions revolving around what my belief in the claims about "Fake News" are, the effect of Facebook on fake news,   where I get my news information from, what my income is, what my cultural background is, what I know about today's news claims and what my opinions are on them are, my opinions on placing regulations on online outlets posting about the news etc, but my mind isn't on the survey or about who I think fake news outlets are etc its something else.


I was "randomly selected" to participate on a US Public View on the Media survey. There was nothing on the envelope to tell me what the package was when I got it in the mail and I was about to toss it in the trash because I assumed it was probably junk mail. But I wound up opening it.

If I hadn't opened the envelope I wouldn't have known there was an actual dollar tucked away inside. Granted it was just a dollar but this had me wondering. A dollar adds up to a lot depending on how many of these were sent out.


Just how many other people were selected for the survey and how many people might have thrown it away without knowing that inside the big white blank envelope there was a dollar inside?

How many dollars are now making their way to the city dump? How much money just got thrown away? Do people not realize how hard money is to come by that they can afford to risk it getting tossed in the trash?


Am I the only one who finds that strange or am I just being silly?