Keeping It Hot (Breakfast in Bed #1) by Sydney Landon







Author: Sydney Landon

Title: Keeping It Hot

Series: Breakfast in Bed

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Zoe Hart owns the coffee shop in one of the hottest upscale resorts in Florida, run by her childhood best friend, Dylan Jackson. Even though Dylan is a workaholic, he still finds time to enjoy the beautiful women who pass through his hotel all of them except Zoe. She has been in love with Dylan for years without him noticing.

But with her thirtieth birthday fast approaching, she realizes she can't keep pining away for a man who doesn't show the merest sign of romantic interest in her.
When Zoe launches her plan to shed her tomboy image in Dylan's eyes, she's thrilled once he starts to notice her in a whole new way.

But she'll have to face the risk that seducing her best friend might come with lasting changes to their longtime friendship...






O-kay, So I read Keeping it Hot three times and I'm still bouncing between rating it three and four stars trying to figure out how I really feel about it.

There are times I really love both Zoe and Dylan, and there were times Zoe annoyed the crap out of me and times when Dylan pissed me the hell off. Other times they redeemed themselves through the bond they shared in their friendship which I actually felt was better than their relationship after Zoe had to change everything about herself to win Dylan's heart.

I'm usually a fan of romances that have that right in front of you realization thing going on but circumstances that bring the h/h together and how its handled can vary on whether the book is a win or a lose for me.

This is where I had trouble because I didn't think Zoe should have had to go to such extremes to catch Dylan's more intimate attention however their romance was quite steamy once I got past all of that.

Still there was some turbulence in the back of my mind that Zoe's new look wasn't all quite her real self and should have been seen by Dylan if he really wanted her that way before all the change she made to herself.

Keeping it Hot is an entertaining read and the first book of the Breakfast in Bed series. If you haven't read it yet I recommend it.





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