Movie Night: Midnight Special












A father and son go on the run, pursued by the government and a cult drawn to the child's special powers.



























I thought this movie had a brilliant cast but I don't feel this movie did their talent justice.

Midnight Special felt like three different movies smashed into one film that never really explained its purpose, the how, the why, its backstory that led to where viewers came in at the beginning or really any of it at all.

The last three or so minutes of Midnight Special had potential, the various character plots had potential, but I don't feel like the writers or the movies creators really captured the full potential this film could have had.

Midnight Special really could have been an amazing mind blowing film that could have set an all new pacing and stage in the film industry but... I don't know if it was lack of inspiration, time or budget the whole thing fell flat that became something else entirely and didn't have a purpose for why it was happening in the first place other than to have the final reveal scene. When I finished the movie it just felt like Midnight Special was created just to simply create the dual layer reveal without any other purpose.

Its kind of a bummer because it could have been so much more.