Spirits of the Cage: True Accounts of Living in a Haunted Medieval Prison by Richard Estep






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When single mother Vanessa Mitchell moved into a historic cottage in Essex, she had no idea that a paranormal nightmare was about to unfold. The cottage, known as The Cage, used to imprison those accused of witchcraft back in the 1500s. From her first day living there, Vanessa saw apparitions walk through her room, heard ghostly growls, and was even slapped and pushed by invisible hands.

Unable to handle the dark phenomena after three years, Vanessa moved out and paranormal investigator Richard Estep moved in. Spirits of the Cage chronicles the years that Vanessa and Richard spent in The Cage, uncovering the frightening and fascinating mysteries of the angry spirits who lurk within it.







Spirits of the Cage starts off a little slow but gives a fairly realistic look into the frightening activities surrounding a terrifying haunting that terrorized the woman who lived there. Fairly wary of remaining in the house after dark she lets Richard move in to get a feel for the house himself to see what the rumors behind the haunting are all about.

A tad creepy at times the disturbing activity caused quite a bit of trauma for its occupants and it becomes understandable why Vanessa was so afraid.

Although a little slow on the reveal it makes the first half of the book make more sense the further in you get. Interesting and creepy Spirits of the Cage finishes off as an entertaining and informative read.





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