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Author: Carol Mason

Title:The Secrets of Married Women


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Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is harder.
Jill and Rob are happily married and still very much in love. Then everything changes when they discover that Rob is infertile. Having children has never been the be all and end all for Jill. Yet, admittedly, a tiny part of her now wants what she can’t have. But more than craving the impossible, Jill just wants her marriage back to the way it was. But Rob has taken the news badly. He won't touch her. They never have sex anymore. And worse still, he won’t talk about it.
Frustrated and unsure what to do, Jill is drawn into being an unwitting 'ear' for her best friend Leigh who is having a steamy extra-marital affair. Married to a man who is eager to please but fails to satisfy, Leigh has decided that life is too short to put her own happiness last. She has given her affair an expiry date: six weeks and then she will end it.
Then there is Wendy, who is married to handsome Neil, a top policeman. Wendy is one of those friends who never lets her guard drop - a content mother and a wife whose trust and faith in her husband seems to know no limits.
But are things ever what they seem?
Does life ever go according to plan?
How well do we ever know our husbands, our best friends, or even ourselves?
Jill is about to find out when she faces infidelity and the truth head on.





The Secrets of Married Woman really asks its readers to set aside their reservations and judgements and open their minds and hearts to the situations these women are trying to come to terms with in their lives.

Its not easy when you've become Mrs. Somebody and your entire world revolves around your job, paying your bills, taking care of your family, making dinner and cleaning house.

Romance and excitement go out the window and life as you know it becomes an ongoing routine that replays itself over and over again from morning to night. Sometimes you risk losing both yourself and who you used to be and that once in a lifetime feeling you once experienced when you first fell in love.

You felt a thrill, you felt excitement, you felt everything that breathed life into your veins. But what happens when you lose sight of all of that and you one day find yourself wanting more than the same? Wanting more than what you now know is going to be the rest of your life?

You start searching for something that makes you feel alive again. Something that connects you to the person you once were before you said I do and committed to a life you never thought would turn out the way it did.

Reality is a harsh mistress and these women discover that both living it and escaping it aren't as easy as they anticipated once they begin to see how it changes them and the way they feel once the consequences of their involvements catch up to them. 

The Secrets of Married Women was an honest, emotionally gripping and heartbreaking read, but it was also enlightening as well. Readers get to look and experience the highs and lows of a marriage on the rocks and an affair that comes to a head. 

You have to ask yourself how would you feel if you put yourself in their shoes and could you forgive them and yourself if you had looked outside of your marriage for a little validation.





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