Buy Me Love by Julie Tetel Andresen




Author: Julie Tetel Andresen

Title: Buy Me Love

Series: Buy Me Love Shapeshifter Series

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Detective Chief Inspector Moses Reilly of Scotland Yard is the consummate bachelor, married to his job – and for good reason. On a covert mission to infiltrate an international crime ring, he poses undercover on dates to find criminals running online dating scams that separate unwitting love struck participants from their life savings. His powerful deduction skills and level head can usually keep him several steps ahead of the women he meets – but his latest date is making his head spin.

The mysterious Zelda Sachsen works as a Guardian for G4S, a private security firm in London that has a global reach and deep pockets. She is working undercover trying to sniff out a crime ring that has international implications of its own when her sensitive nose detects an intriguing smell that she can’t let go of.

Their shared commitment to relentlessly pursuing the truth – and an abnormally creative murder near G4S headquarters -- bring Scotland Yard and G4S together, lead by DCI Reilly and Zelda. As Zelda turns Reilly’s world upside down, can they both keep their heads for long enough to crack the case?






Buy Me Love was a blend of Noir with a dab of paranormal romance and a dash of mystery tossed in for flavor. The funny thing is, I would have loved it just the same as a non paranormal as well despite its heavy presence in the book.

Forewarning to those who don't deal with language barriers well - this book has a lot of UK personality (words, phrases, slang, etc) in it that for some might make it difficult to follow along.

That being said I really liked this book. As the first book I've read by Julie Andresen I was quite impressed with her talent in creating real to life characters, and real to life descriptions that pull you into her world. Its amazing because you literally see and feel it in your mind playing like a movie as you read this book.

The only complaint I could say I have is that she spent quite a bit of time on details and not enough world building and too little on character building and interaction. I liked what I got but I do hope to see Andresen expand her range in the future.

Buy Me Love is not for weak readers. This author is well worded and well versed and it shocks me that she isn't more well known. I look forward to seeing more of her writing in the future.



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