Movie Night: Fifty Shades Darker













While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia must confront the anger and envy of the women who came before her.





















I gave Fifty Shades Darker three stars simply because I could tell that both Dakota and Jamie tried to expand their acting ranges this time around to include actual personalities into their characters Christian and Ana more than they did in the first film unfortunately there's no way to really give this movie much more than that.

The jumbled disjointed scenes that felt as if they were cut and pasted together around the additional pornographic sex scenes were doubled in the film this time around couldn't give me enough reason to care about why any of it was happening.

Although I did find it interesting that instead of glorifying Christians abuse and his abuses they way EL did in the books they were more critical of it and noted how unhealthy it was however it felt a little too little too late.

Fifty Shades Darker just needed so much more fleshing out to make it worth the time spent waiting for something to happen including the helicopter scene and the Miss Robinson reveal moments felt just a little underwhelming.

There were a couple laugh bit moments on behalf of Ana's ignorance involving the sex toys but honestly I was mostly bored with this movie all the way through.

My opinion on the films so far are the same as my opinions on the books. Save your money for real erotica written by a real author.