Every Dark Corner (Romantic Suspense #18) by Karen Rose

Every Dark Corner (The Cincinnati Series) - Karen Rose




When FBI Special Agent Griffin "Decker" Davenport wakes from his coma, he is desperate to find the missing children he knows are in danger. At the end of his last investigation, when he thought it was all over and justice had been served, he discovered that not everyone had been rescued, but he was shot before he was able to tell anyone.

Special Agent Kate Coppola has recently moved to Cincinnati. She says she's chasing a promotion but she's actually running away from heartache. She's found the recordings from Decker's time undercover and has been at his side in the hospital while she tries to put together the pieces of the crime he was investigating—and what connection it has to his own mysterious past.

When someone tries to kill Decker in his hospital bed, he and Kate realise that the children are not the only ones whose lives are threatened, and that they must stop at nothing to hunt down the perpetrators. And danger is waiting in every dark corner.


I believe Karen Rose is quickly becoming one of those authors that I can list among those romantic suspense writers that are among my favorites like Kay Hooper, Tami Hoag, Janet Evanovich, and Sue Grafton.

Karen has the ability to balance both suspense and character plot in just the right portion to include the emotional ying yang as readers are taken along for the ride and witness the horrors and the triumphs, highs and lows of our favorite Decker's journey.

That also includes Kate's journey as both she and Decker gain more intimacy and someone to lean on when the tolls their careers have taken leave them needing someone to confide in.

For new readers I would suggest picking up the previous book since both Decker and Kate are in the previous book and their sort of initial relationship building period is established there.

It took me awhile to finish this book because there is just so much craziness and heartbreaking content that it was hard for me to take in for long periods of time. Reader be warned there is a lot going on with both Rose's good guys and her bad guys. Take the time to keep up because you're going to want to read this one. For a dual layer redemption and fear read this is a fantastic book. I highly recommend it.


Karen Rose






This title will be available for purchase on February 7, 2017!


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