The Irishman's Christmas Gamble: A Wager of Hearts Novella (Wager of Hearts #2.5) by Nancy Herkness














Having risen out of the slums of Dublin to build a multinational gourmet chocolate business, Frances “Frankie” Hogan has settled for being respected, envied, and rich beyond belief…but never happy. She has built a secure home within the walls of the exclusive Bellwether Club, a place she established for self-made billionaires like herself. She’s convinced that nothing can ruffle the calm of her well-ordered, though lonely, world—until her past, in the form of Liam Keller, shows up at her door.

European soccer sensation Liam Keller has carried a torch for Frankie since their years together in their hard-scrabble Irish neighborhood. Frankie was the one who fed his dreams and pushed him to reach for the elite level of his sport, even as she kept him at arm’s length. Their ambitions launched them in different directions, but now Liam finds himself in New York as a coach to an up-and-coming professional American soccer team.

Liam’s feelings for Frankie have never faded, but their years apart have brought complications, including a secret that could drive Frankie away. Only a Christmas miracle can help Liam convince the woman he adores to finally gamble on love.





I was lucky enough to be gifted a copy of this book from the author. Thank you Nancy Herkness.

There is a lot of push and pull between our h/h without much pull aside from Frankies broken past , emotional ties, and Liams desperate attempt to appeal to her.

Frankie got on my nerves but I still wanted to see this broken girl / woman find her way to love because in the end if there isn't love there is no hope and that sucks.

So we get a lot of angst and drama but I enjoyed reading it.



Nancy Herkness




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