Phantom Kiss (Chicagoland Vampires #12.5) by Chloe Neill

Phantom Kiss - Chloe Neill




Vampires generally aren’t afraid of things that go bump in the night, but Merit and Ethan are extra jumpy after a recent attack by a dark sorcerer.


So when they learn that someone is messing with graves in Chicago’s cemeteries, stealing skulls and snatching souls, they fear that their powerful foe might be back for even more magical vengeance.

But after a specter begins haunting Cadogan House—and targeting vampires—they realize that their being taunted by an altogether different sort of monster.


A ghoulish villain straight out of the Windy City’s urban legends is on the prowl—and he won’t stop until he’s killed again...




I had a hard time deciding between 3-4 stars but I went with four because it was nice diving back into the CV world again. The one thing I really didn't particularly care for was the whole vampire racism issue (if you can call it that) went a little extreme in a weird way which felt a little forced and a little pointless since it didn't jibe with everything else that was going on which was also kind of felt like a random last minute tension builder?

Can't really put my finger on why it bothered me so much but it just didn't feel organic to Neill's typical writing style and voice so eh.

That being said there is a lot that Neill packed into this installment that I did enjoy and wished we'd gotten more of in the previous books but it was nice to get a deeper exploration this time around. Better late than never as they say.

Phantom Kiss was a good read and will be missed when the next and final book closes.



Chloe Neill








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