Mulberry Moon (Mystic Creek #3) by Catherine Anderson

Mulberry Moon - Catherine Anderson






After a career on the rodeo circuit, Ben Sterling longs to settle down on his farm and start a family like his brothers. He’s searched all over for the woman of his dreams. Yet the only one to spark his interest is the new owner of the local café. Getting her attention, however, won’t be easy.
Sissy Sue Bentley has worked hard to make it on her own, and she doesn’t need another man in her life. From her alcoholic father to the men she’s dated, who were after only one thing, they are nothing but trouble.


Except Ben keeps showing up whenever she really needs help. Sissy struggles to deny her growing feelings for him—but soon Ben’s tender concern has her hoping for a happier future. Then her past comes barreling back into her life, and it will take more than the love in Ben’s heart to hold them together.







I had a hard time deciding between three or four stars which frustrates me because I was anticipating this installment so much.

However it was mostly a character flaw that prevented me from voting it up to four.

Sissy lived up to her name too often too much. Sissy was ridiculous, Sissy was childish, unstable, insecure and more. That kind of personality doesn't mesh well with what I look for in a female lead in a story like this. At the same time I really liked Ben.

Yet I wanted to shake him and tell him to drop Sissy but he was king and kept with it - which is admirable considering how determined he is.

There was plenty of good interactions and funny scenes that made me laugh I just didn't care for Sissy as a person, I didn't like Sissy and Ben as a couple and that bogged down how I felt about this book.




Catherine Anderson




 This title will be available January 3rd 2016!





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