Helix: Episode 4 - Anomaly (Helix #4) by Nathan M. Farrugia

Helix: Episode 4 (Anomaly) - Nathan M Farrugia



After Marina washes out of training, she’s sent for termination. But when a rebellion rises, she escapes to join Olesya on the icy coast of the Baltic Sea.

Here, she finds the popularity and power of a violent anti-genetics movement spreading like wildfire. They’re called Purity, and they want people like Marina to burn.

While Marina and Olesya are ensnared in a battle against Purity zealots, another rebel, Sophia, discovers more about Project GATE than she bargained for: every recruit carries a genetic kill switch, and someone is planning to use it.

Now it’s a race against time. Marina and Olesya must overcome impossible odds and Sophia must fight to save her fellow operatives from their own bodies. Success is everything, failure is death.









Power and corruption rule. Gate sends this installment careening over a cliff into maximum over drive.

Again we have a lot to deal with for Sophia and Marina both personally for them, socially, politically.. Everything comes to a head.

Multiple issues arise to the surface with the viral, switch and the soldiers and their enemies.

But just when you think you know what's going to happen there's a new twist around the corner.

Question everything! All is not what it seems! Neither are those you call ally or enemy!







Nathan M. Farrugia


























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