The Devil's Prayer by Luke Gracias

The Devil's Prayer - Luke Gracias

A nun commits suicide in front of thousands in Spain. In Australia, Siobhan Russo recognises that nun as her mother, Denise Russo, who disappeared six years ago.

In search of answers, Siobhan travels to the isolated convent where her mother once lived. Here she discovers Denise’s final confession, a book that details a heinous betrayal that left her crippled and mute, and Denise’s subsequent deal with the Devil to take revenge. In the desperate bargain Denise made with the Prince of Darkness, she wagered Siobhan’s soul.

As Siobhan discovers the fate of her soul, she learns that hidden within the pages of her mother’s confession is part of The Devil’s Prayer, an ancient text with the power to unleash apocalyptic horrors.

And now her mother’s enemies know Siobhan has it.

Can Siobhan escape an order of extremist monks determined to get the Prayer back? Can she save the world from its own destruction?







There are some words that come to mind when I think of Devils Prayer... Gruesome, gritty, violent, disturbing - just to name a few. Yet its intensely interesting too. Darkly thrilling as well.

After I finished reading this book I was still unsure of where or how to categorize it. Thriller, Historical, Mystery, Supernatural? All of the above.

Its a question of what you're willing to sacrifice and how far you're willing to go and witness when involved in dealing with the prince of darkness.

For the sensitive readers to certain content please be aware that this book has violence in it - physical and sexual, death included.

I actually had to take a break from reading for a few days after finishing it because my mind was still a little bothered by everything I took in while reading this book.

Devils Prayer is very well written, deeply intense, and will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.







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