The Amber Project (The Variant Saga #1) by JN Chaney

The Amber Project: A Dystopian Sci-fi Novel (The Variant Saga Book 1) - JN Chaney


In 2157, a mysterious gas known as Variant spreads across the globe, killing or mutating most organic life. The surviving humans take refuge in an underground city, determined to return home.

But after generations of failures and botched attempts, hope is beginning to dwindle.


That is, until a young scientist makes a unique discovery—and everything changes. Suddenly, there’s reason to hope again, and it rests within a group of genetically engineered children that are both human and Variant.

Terry is one of these children, modified and trained to endure the harsh conditions of a planet he cannot begin to understand.


After years of preparation, Terry thinks he knows what to expect. But the reality is far stranger than anything he can imagine—and what he will become is far more dangerous.







The Amber Project is a twisted sci fi that reminded me of a sci fi tv episode back in the 90s where teens in clubs listened to music that changed their genetic make up after the sun begins to affect people.

The people who didn't listen to music remained unchanged and unable to go out in the sun after the the sun affects the earth while the ones that listened to the music could go out.

This book kind of reminded me of that with similar echoes in the whole teens changing and allowing them to return to the surface while others live below.

The Amber Project is clever and fun.








































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Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from the author









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