Movie Night: The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm















Can the soul of a killer linger forever? Filmmaker Dan T. Hall explores macabre shadows of the past as he documents the haunting of the infamous Fox Hollow Farm estate, former home of alleged serial killer Herb Baumeister.
















Watching this movie is the first time that I could not force myself to stay awake during a movie.

There is interesting information mixed in all the frantic skipping and jumping around but it gets lost in the poor editing, poor audio, poor arrangement and assembly in the final cut.

I could tell there were times where the creators showed investigators getting decent activity or such but its trigger to be interesting is nullified by lack of know how as far as who put this film together.

I fell asleep three times during my attempt to finish this movie and just couldn't get through it after awhile.

Side note: I don't know the kind of people who can live in a home where a serial killer murdered multiple people... I sure couldn't do it.