Wishing For Us: A Danvers Novel (Danvers #9) by Sydney Landon

Wishing For Us: A Danvers Novel - Sydney Landon

Since the loss of her fiancé, Lydia Cross has refused to allow herself to feel anything close to love. That is until corporate hotshot Jacob Hay comes to her aid outside of the Danvers International corporate headquarters and captures her attention.


Too bad he doesn’t show any signs of reciprocating her feelings.  

Things change when, after a rowdy Vegas bachelorette party, she wakes up next to Jacob...as his newly wedded wife! Lydia is stunned, but Jacob seems remarkably calm and isn’t inclined to end their hasty merger. In fact, day by day he gives her everything she’s been missing—especially in bed.


But when the magic of Sin City fades, Lydia grows concerned she’ll find herself alone once again.








If you don't want a mild spoiler don't read this review.


Miss innocent who has had little, done too little and stuck in insecurity land due to her lack of sexual experience longs for a "real man" to rock her world and erase everything she regrets for her except when she decides to say the hell with scruples until reality catches up to her and she gets more than she bargained for.

It cracks me up how Lydia gets stuck in neutral demands all of Jake's time and can't deal with any of the slightest doubt yet when confronted by his baby mama shes all for it and uppity with it all. She loves how he's a total 'bad boy' and preset for sex yet she cant even say the word because of how innocent she is.

The story and the characters go from sincere to silly quite often which can get distracting at times but there's moments that kind of balance those periods out because there is actual heart at the center of it all and really it boils down to Jake's daughter.

The baby mama drama and Lydia accepting that Jake has priorities that are outside of her got a little old and a little annoying after awhile but is their hurdle to over come in order for them to find a middle ground in their new relationship.

There are certain lines and moments I really loved that really spoke honestly about what Jake and Lydia were going through but a lot of it didn't really feel organic to everything that was going on.

That all aside I kind of really liked this story but I wish we had gotten a more visceral honest exploration of how traumatic Lydia's loss was on her and how much Jake felt becoming a father was for him.






































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