One persons trash is another persons treasure


So I found this beauty sitting in front of a dumpster recently.



When I brought the shelf back to my place it was wobbling and falling apart but I could tell it was brand new it had just been put together poorly so I took it home and discovered that whoever had put it together had failed to tighten the screw anchors that keep the side pieces attached to the top and bottom boards in place and failed to nail the backing onto the book case itself properly as well.

Obviously the previous owner was a person who had no concept of how to follow the instruction booklet or use common sense but hey, their loss is my gain.

I've put so many book shelves together in my life that I could probably do it in my sleep by now. I currently have about a dozen floor to ceiling, wall to wall shelves supporting my ever growing collection of books.

My favorite part of finding this beauty was that the shelf matches my other set of shelves exactly and I had so many extra assembly pieces left over from the shelving kits I have that I was able to use the extra nails to fix the backing and use fresh anchor screws to replace the ones the previous owner had stripped.

I got a good laugh when during its repair I spotted an IKEA stamp with the style name  on the bottom of the base board. I looked it up online and I couldn't believe how much they charge for a shelf like this. They have it marked for $70 online and I just got it for free. All it took was some proper care.

It looks so pretty with my books on it. Win, Win for me. :)