Ghost Maker (Ghost Seer #5) by Robin D. Owens

Ghost Maker (The Ghost Seer Novel) - Robin D. Owens

With Clare’s health fading, she and her partner—the love of her life—detective Zach Slade, head to Manitou Springs, Colorado, in search of the only healer who can help them: the ghost of Sister Juliana Emmanuel, whose healing skills live on in the afterlife.

Unfortunately for Clare, the nun’s ghost is elusive, and the town is teeming with spirits who all want to speak with Clare—newer ones, street kids who've been killed and want their bodies found and their murders avenged.

Now, with the help of Zach and Sister Juliana, Clare must find the killer before he strikes again. But to do so, she will face an evil that could destroy everything she and Zach hold dear—including their love.







Ghost Maker was a little slower on the uptake compared to the last couple books. There were some moments that felt a little 'okay, we're what?' so it took a little while to engage into the excitement once it picked back up again.

Clare and Zach also felt like they sort of stalled out as well. They've gotten to this point but mostly what they have in common right now is the fact that they're trying to figure out what's going on verses whats going on in their relationship, which felt a little disjointed to me since their relationship seemed like part of their strength - what made them better.

The secondary characters get some more page time which was interesting, but I was still looking for a more intimate vibe to pick up for Clare and Zach which kind of felt missing by the end.

My final opinion is that the book slows things down a bit and puts it into neutral but its still worth the read.











































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