Gargoyle Quest (Gargoyle Knight #2) by William Massa

Gargoyle Quest: An Urban Fantasy (Gargoyle Knight Book 2) - William Massa

Six months have passed since the defeat of the druid-warrior Cael and Artan's return to the world of man. The ancient Celtic king is trying his best to fit in and adapt to the 21st Century but is having a hard time adjusting to the modern age. Once upon a time he knew his place in the world. Warrior. King. Gargoyle. But now he is a man adrift, lacking purpose and direction.

This all changes when a dangerous warlock arrives in New York City hellbent on a quest to track down three magical Grimoires.

As the necromancer's army of gargoyles, ghosts and the undead descend on Manhattan, King Artan is faced with a terrible decision -- remain human as New York City drowns in darkness or once again become a monster to save the world from a terrifying supernatural evil.












Gargoyle Quest was really amazing for me because you get a lot of the soul searching conflict going on. Artan is stuck in a world he doesn't fit into or feels he belongs to, he loves his girl and used to being a gentleman and taking care of her but there's also an underlining hero complex he struggles with along with the dark secret he hides that he has to struggle with but its interesting to see the debate of whether he can embrace who and what he is and what his circumstances are now with trying to find a way to put it to use which is kind of what happens as all hell breaks loose.

I like that readers really get a sense of feeling what its like for Artan to be on the outside looking in. You you feel his sense of seclusion and his apathy  but you also get the struggle he feels with a need to do something while being held back because he can't really engage with this world in this time outside of what really makes him useful. So when the big bad shows up on his doorstep how could he resist answering the call?

I really like this book because I have read it about a dozen times in a row and I still feel something different or something new when I read it because you see a different point of view.

I think Massa's writing is great, I am so excited for the next installment. I love the supernatural/fantasy he brings to life and I love his characters. They are a cast readers can really love and relate to. I look forward to more life, more battles, and more love.











































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Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from the author/ purchased a print copy for my own collection as well.









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