Mistletoe Games: A Play-by-Play Anthology (Play by Play #6.5, 8.5. 10.5) by Jaci Burton

Mistletoe Games (A Play-by-Play Anthology) - Jaci Burton

Holiday Games
For the high-achieving Elizabeth and her husband, baseball player Gavin Riley, failure is not an option. So when it comes to making a baby, they’re not about to let any holiday distractions get in the way of their necessary pleasures...
Holiday on Ice
It’s the season for giving and superstar hockey player Patrick “Trick” Niemeyer is ready to give dancer Stella Slovinski his heart wrapped up in bow. But he’ll have to melt the ice surrounding her heart to keep her from walking away...
Hot Holiday Nights
Christmas in Hawaii brings sports agent Tori Baldwin two presents: a young surfer at the top of his game and his business manager. But this hot threesome has to decide if the romantic wave they’ve caught is nothing more than a vacation fling, or the kind of love that could change their lives forever.











 I always love novella anthologies because they're the between stories that in my opinion really kind of bring an entire series together. They're pieces of the worlds we love to read about that some miss out on because they aren't a part of the entire telling of a full novel. For this one we get three of the Play by Play books that include the telling of Gavin and Liz, Stella and Trick and Tori, Alex and Ben.

My favorite of the three turned out to belong to to Gavin and Liz in Holiday Games, I love that some of these stories aren't always finished, that sometimes they continue long after their HEA have been told.

My second favorite belonged to Stella and Trick in Holiday on Ice which was better on the emotional development and my third favorite belonged to Tori, Alex and Ben. Their intimate scenes were my favorite of the three stories but the emotional journey was my least favorite so it was a hard toss up between Hot Holiday Nights and Holiday on Ice but in the end I went with the heart than the... lower half of the region.

I really enjoyed Mistletoe Games as whole and I am thrilled that Burton took the time to bring these stories together in one place for the rest of us. Thank you Burton!




































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Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Penguin/Berkley Publishing









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