PHOENIX (Asphalt Cowboys Book 2) by Madison Sevier

PHOENIX (Asphalt Cowboys Book 2) - Madison Sevier

He Lives Between The Lines...
Aiden "Phoenix" Hunt would leave it all behind for one chance with the woman he knows he can never have. A born loser, Phoenix has climbed back from failure countless times and even when he had nothing, he's always held onto two things--his heart and his pride. Hayley Shaw is the only person in the world who can set his body, mind and soul ablaze. When her safety is threatened, Phoenix will go to Hell and back to save her.

She Has One Rule...Never Date A Trucker
Hayley Shaw knows all too well what being a trucker means for the people they leave at home. But sexy and dangerous Aiden Hunt just might change her mind. When a crazed woman threatens to destroy everything she holds dear, Hayley will find herself in a fight to hold onto the one thing she thought she didn't need.

Can their longtime friendship survive a life-changing turn of events that rockets them into each other's arms?
Or will heartbreak be the one thing that prevents this Phoenix from rising out of the ashes again?













Crazy bitches abound where dirt meets the ground.

While our story book duo bad boy and good girl are brought together not only does the drama ignite so does their love attraction.

Phoenix of course being the guy he is, is always willing to do whatever it takes for Hayley which he does despite some of the head butting and silliness.

I liked Phoenix who I grew to like instantly, Hayley took me a bit longer to like because there was a sort of on off switch inside her I didn't quite care for however you can also tell there's a vacancy where she's kept the more sensitive areas of her heart under wraps. It was sweet getting to see her melt when we got it and burn when Phoenix wanted it. All in all a really good read and I think one of Sevier's best book yet.






































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Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from the author









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