A Vampire's Honor (Vampire's Promise #3) by Carla Susan Smith

A Vampire's Hunger - Carla Susan Smith

Rowan Harper thought being with a vampire would keep her out of harm's way. But true evil lurks in the darkness, and not even her lover, Gabriel, knows all of its tricks.

Rowan may be his Promise, the one woman who can save Gabriel's soul, but the two of them have a long and complicated history that Rowan is only now discovering--complete with old enemies who will stop at nothing to make them suffer.

When Rowan is abducted and forced to witness unspeakable violence, secrets of the past begin to unfold. Secrets that show Gabriel's best friend Aleksei in a new light.

Will the truth destroy all three of them or bind them more tightly together, and if evil prevails, will it be Rowans's soul that ultimately needs saving?










I totally would have voted this book five stars but there were two major issues I had through reading this book. One, I didn't do my homework so I didn't realize when I got the book that it was part of a series. Two, the author didn't do much to catch new readers up to the current plot which is evident picks up directly where the previous book leaves off so I spent a lot of time being confused on details, history and back story.

That being said I grew to really like the cast in this series, Smith's characters are colorful and full of life and I really enjoyed their personalities. I especially loved Rowan's wit. The interactions between Smith's cast were fantastic.

I loved that Smith managed to keep the tension and adventure going all the way through the story from beginning to end. It always makes for a fabulous and entertaining read. 

I really want to pick up the previous books in the series despite being lost on the story / history in the other books with how well Smith wrote this book. The author's writing is fantastic.

I really enjoyed Vampire's Honor. If you guys haven't read the Promise series I highly suggest it.






























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Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Kensington Books









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