Paying It Forward


I have been a big follower of author Megan Mitcham and she has developed a group of readers who 'give back' to soldiers by writing letters of thanks.

Feel free to pass this along she has invited everyone to take part. Here is her newsletter today asking her followers to spread the word.


I am doing my part passing it along as well.






Gratitude. It's so Simple.

I LOVE reading and writing men and women in--and out of--uniform. *Wink. Wink.* If you're still hanging out with me, chances are good you do too. I've always wanted to say thank you to the men and women who serve our country and defend our freedom, but I never knew how. A non-profit organization, Operation Gratitude helped me with that. I'm recruiting you...

Join Spec Ops G

   The G stands for gratitude.

    We adore them in our novels—brawny and bold, stealthy and steadfast—both our men and women of arms. But in the real world our soldiers work harder than fiction can frame. For our freedom they, “Quell the storm and ride the thunder.” They live by, “Deeds, not words.” They sacrifice more than most of us will ever comprehend.

    It’s time to show them how much we appreciate their sacrifice!

    Can you spare five minutes? It’s so easy.


Write a soldier a letter.

  1. Write a letter to a active duty soldier or veteran.
  2. Email your content to
  3. I’ll print your letter and add it to the bundle.
  4. Each time we collect 25 letters, I’ll head to the post office and mail them to Operation Gratitude, who will distribute them to our men and women in combat and veterans.
  5. Encourage your friends and family to join in!

    ***If you want to invest a little more time, pen a handwritten note and mail it to Megan Mitcham at PO Box 374 Little Rock, AR 72203***

Your Letter will put a smile on one of our soldier’s faces!

Spec Ops G will do more in the future, but let’s start with a letter and a smile.


Don’t Know what to say?

Here are some tips from Operation Gratitude…


Keep your message upbeat and positive. Be thankful — share a little bit of yourself. Ask questions; however, do not discuss death or killing. Avoid politics completely and religion in excess. It is all about appreciation and respect. Ask yourself: Will this letter bring a smile to someone’s face?



--Sample salutations: Dear Hero, Dear Brave One

-Include your own mail or email so recipients can choose to reply, if you feel comfortable doing so

– No stamps or envelopes are needed

-- Hand Written letters or cards are most appreciated

– All letters will be screened 

– please NO individual envelopes.

--We will send multiple letters together in one large mailing envelope or box.

--If you do not receive a reply from a Service Member, do not be discouraged. Remember: Our troops are busy!

-When you do receive responses, please screen the letters before giving them to any young person.