Booklikes Unknown ?

With all the Booklikes drama going on and no one knowing whether its going to continue or not and everyone striving to find a way to stay connected with one another I just figured I would make a post listing different sites that I post reviews on so that maybe some of you can find me if we do happen to lose it. (Keeping fingers crossed that we don't - but just in case.)



(I've created a Facebook Fan Page just for my blog posts )


FB Fan Page



(My personal Facebook page)


Personal FB Page












(Amazon is still blanking my Amazon profile page but here is a link to one of my reviews hopefully you can find me that way.)


Amazon Review


(I pin to various boards on my page not just book images)





Google Plus


(I link posts on Blog Lovin once in awhile)


Blog Lovin


(Not sure I'll stay on the Reading Room site or not but I have a page here)


The Reading Room


(Although I can't seem to add much to it I'm also on Riffle)




(Not really a book review site but just started messing with it)





(I haven't used Tumblr in a long time but I suppose I'll have to soon)





(I also have a wordpress page although I tend to forget about it and can't really figure out how to use it... its dated sorry. Will have to update it.)


Wordpress Page




I have many other pages but that's all I can think of off the top of my head right now.

I really hope Booklikes remains open and functioning but as a back up all of you are welcome to looking me up on these other sites as well.