Submission Specialist (Still a Bad Boy #2) by Ada Scott

Submission Specialist: A Bad Boy Romance (Still a Bad Boy) (Volume 2) - Ada Scott

Instead of Prince Charming, I got Him.

I promised I’d save myself for my wedding night.

Of course, I didn’t know it was going to be a fake marriage to a heavyweight MMA fighter. I couldn’t have known how good it would feel to be pinned under all those muscles and tattoos, squirming, panting, and even whimpering in ecstasy.

None of us knew how deeply he was involved with the mafia.

When he disrespects them, they think they can use me to punish him.

They’re wrong.

He’s a tank in human form.

And he’s coming for me.

Men tap out inside the ring, women surrender themselves outside of it. That’s always been my specialty.

I chose Skylar because she was so innocent. A good girl like her would help sell my reformed image to the public. To corrupt her and leave her ruined for all other men would be my hottest conquest yet.

But I found more in Skylar than that. Who’d have thought that the first woman I wanted to lay more than once would be my wife?
Now they think they can take away what is mine?

Even if I have to kill every last member of the Bertolini Crime Family…

I’m coming for her.











This is what happens when my judging a book by its cover comes back to bite me in the ass.I bought this book because I loved the model. Yummy.


As for the book itself I really have no idea whether to rate this book one star or four stars or no stars or two.

In the end I'm going in the middle because I still don't know how to rate this book even after a long debate with myself.

I seriously don't know.


I read this book three times trying to narrow down everything I hated about it and the very few things I actually liked about it and I think there is a sort of fine line between the love to hate and hating it period that kept me reading this book.

I don't know why I let this book get to me but it really did.


I think the first thing I didn't realize is that this was an NA Erotica book when I bought it.

I tend to have issues with NA books to begin with because they can never seem to decide if they're still teeny fans or adult fans or whether the characters are still children or adults either.


This is a serious problem for me in this book because Skylar starts off being twenty then half way through she's nineteen and during the slut shaming sex scenes where Austin repeatedly refers to her as a whore, Skylar's vag is consistently described many ways often using the word teen, teeny, tween pussy... Okay... That was often off putting because I'm not into the whole child/teen description of intimate body parts during violent, role playing, and hard core sex acts.


I didn't like the 'you have no choice in getting on birth control or my using a condom, you're taking it inside you and that's it' statement. That didn't win me over at all. Dominant male spouse or not a woman should have a choice in the matter.


Okay I can dismiss all the crazy sex stuff constantly going on but all the cussing? I seriously lost count how many times Cunt and Fuck were used in a single sentence but you want to draw a picture of how rough and violent these people are so, alright let's cuss all the time. But they're really bad at it. I mean, really bad at it.


But again lets ignore the cursing every other word in every statement and the tiny teen pussy descriptions...


Scott has actually done a fabulous job describing fight scenes, the cage matches which were well written and she's done a great job really bringing Austin and others to life as characters. She has real talent for creating a scene and playing it out so vividly that you can see it clearly in your mind. This really drew me in. Scott has a lot of potential here.


So I could ignore the naughty girl history and the being sold background Austin was supposedly a part of, but the turn of events that brought along a new plot including the mafia... I'm still on the fence about.

Not because they were there or didn't particularly fit in but because of the *surprise* reveal, the announcement and the twist at the end. None of that felt organic to what was happening.


My biggest issue was the last scene with Skylar... Really? I seriously don't know what to make of it. What was the point of it all? The point in her whole history? What was the point in any of it? To make her capable of violence?


What is this book supposed to be? Its not bad by any means, its just... odd.


Despite all of this I have to admit some form of curiosity- even though I have no idea why I'm curious.

I didn't like Skylar together with Austin, I didn't like their relationship, I didn't believe their quickly developed I love you feelings for one another, I didn't buy into his excuses for being loyal to her and their marriage vows because of his contract, I didn't buy that she enjoyed being called a whore as a therapeutic way of getting over her past.


Everything felt too rushed, too soon, too abrupt and too violent without much soft fall to absorb the blows of all the craziness. The emotional scenes didn't capture me the way they should have because they were too short and took place after the disturbing sex scenes only to be followed by crazy violence.


I liked that they had this potential bond to develop between them to create something more satisfying emotionally as a reader but in the end it was all sort of unraveled after Austin learns two very emotional truths at a very pivotal point in this book. As a reader I lost that connection to both Austin and Skylar and that disappointed me.


I can tell that Scott is a really talented writer you can see that much is evident with all the thought and description she put into this book, but I'm still confused.


I was up re-reading Submission Specialist until four in the morning trying to figure out why I have so many conflicting thoughts about it but in the end its just one of those books that I still can't really judge either by its cover or its story.
























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