Angel 6.0: Concubine (Angel 6.0 #1) by Travis Luedke

Angel 6.0: Concubine - Travis Luedke

My name is Angel, and I live on Nugene Station. My days are filled with doctor's tests, but I spend my nights dancing in zero G, or in the arms of my secret lover, Carver Liddell.

Nugene is the sole outpost orbiting Jupiter where specially engineered human clones are bred for sale to The Gran, a fierce alien race of Cats. The treaty between humanity and the Cats guarantees a constant supply of worker drones.

I am not a worker drone. I am something else. I am the untapped potential of the human genome. I am the next step in human evolution.

The Cats finally noticed me, they know I am special. Now they want me. They want to breed me. Silly Cats, don't they know clones are sterile?

Nugene is only the beginning of my story.














I am really on the fence about this one. I am partial to Luedke's work and Concubine was great very detailed but I had two main issues with this first installment to the 6.0 series.

One, it was way too short. It was only 70 plus pages. Two, there could have been so much more development to this story.

Don't get me wrong as an erotica the sex scenes are great but I wanted more background development, wanted more history, wanted more emotional exploration, wanted more from the characters, I just wanted more all around.

Even though Luedke touches on some of these things they felt fairly brief considering how much page time the breeding scenes got. I'm not sure if this was done on purpose because Angel is a clone and wanted to give a sort of numbing effect or not really being a part of the environment or something but for whatever reason I didn't get that usual total exploration emotional roller coaster that typically comes with Luedke's writing. I still enjoyed reading the story over all but I hope for more in future installments.




























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