Unchained (Eternal Guardians #8.5) by Elisabeth Naughton

Unchained: An Eternal Guardians Novella - Elisabeth Naughton

PROMETHEUS – One of the keenest Titans to ever walk the earth. Until, that is, his weakness for the human race resulted in his imprisonment.

For thousands of years, Prometheus’s only certainty was his daily torture at Zeus’s hand. Now, unchained by the Eternal Guardians, he spends his days in solitude, trying to forget the past. He’s vowed no allegiance in the war between mortal and immortal, but when a beautiful maiden seeks him out and begs for his help, he’s once again powerless to say no. Soon, Prometheus is drawn into the very conflict he swore to avoid, and, to save the maiden’s life, he must choose sides. But she has a secret of her own, and if Prometheus doesn’t discover what she’s hiding in time, the world won’t simply find itself embroiled in a battle between good and evil, it will fall in total domination to Prometheus’s greatest enemy.











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I've always enjoyed this series from the start. I've also increasingly grown to really dislike Zeus for what he's done. Its not fair everything he's caused and put the cast of characters through. 

Prometheus continues to be pushed and pulled between choosing sides which he hates doing and being a pasty to both the woman he finds himself drawn to and the god that has made his life a living hell.

I really felt for Prometheus and what he was going through.

Keia seduces him to save her life and also is the first to stake claim to a male who is so masculine that it actually makes their interactions a bit comical for me because I tend to get used to the men that are like him doing the chasing in romance novels.

This also makes for some pretty hot sex scenes between him and Keia because she tends to take the reigns and quite often lets her call the shots.

It was interesting to see how Keia changes her stance from using Prometheus to falling for him instead.

I liked the mutual rescue and survival tactic up until the heart break of reality brought Prometheus to a new realization that things weren't all as they seemed.

Way emotional.

Of course Naughton found a way to provide the best kind of ending a fan could hope for. I'm not telling what it is because its heart melt worthy.








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