Preferred Rewards by Michael Patrick Lewis

Preferred Rewards - Michael Patrick Lewis





Troy has a problem: he likes a girl whose best friend likes him. Should he take the marshmallow in front of him, or wait for the Preferred Reward?










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I should have known better going in that I wasn't going to care for this book but I was hoping that maybe the author or the characters would redeem themselves somehow or make their actions more justifiable. It really didn't.

The biggest struggle I had was personally disconnecting my feelings from what was taking place in this book. I've been on the receiving end of an unfaithful spouse and friend so I had a difficult time trying to find reasons to make what Troy did okay.

In the end I couldn't and this massively affected how I felt about the entire eat my cake and have it too line of thinking.

As for the book itself I think the characters had more potential for development including the plot which needed more fleshing to it beyond just the sex which was odd because in a situation you would think would be very emotionally charged everything felt a little numb and disconnected.

There's room for improvement but this one just wasn't for me.









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