Movie Night: Beauty and the Beast (2016)

Beauty and the Beast (2016)










A beautiful detective falls in love with an ex-soldier who goes into hiding from the secret government organization that turned him into a mechanically charged beast.














Interesting concept but a lot of plot holes / available plots for possible follow up season that's been rumored to be coming despite the fact that the writers wrapped the show up at the end of its third season. Which I am so glad they tried to conclude the right way for a HEA ending because I'm tired of shows ending with complete cliffhangers and no way to solve them.

The shows creators left plenty of possibilities by not answering several questions that mostly randomly came in toward the end of the second season.

Its mostly angsty in the mid point of season two and rather over done by season three in which the cast are mostly tooting their own horns over all the relationship/fate stuff. The first season was great then veers dramatically off for the next two into a whole new space of strange/ ridiculous and mostly unbelievable or silly but it has its dramatic pull you in moments and some cuteness to take the edge off.

I really liked the cast and the pairings even though I didn't really care for JT and Tess being paired. Didn't really mesh for me but it was a toss up because Heather lost all her possible romances so they needed to do something to keep relationship tensions going between the stalls of Catherine and Vincents drama.

In the end Beauty and the Beast was okay and entertaining and I have to admit I mostly stuck with it just for Jay Ryan because ... well, that doesn't need explaining.