Into the Blue (Wild Aces #2) by Chanel Cleeton

Into the Blue: A Wild Aces Romance - Chanel Cleeton

From the author of Fly with Me and the Capital Confessions Novels comes the newest in the sexy Wild Aces Romance series.

Eric Jansen—call sign Thor—loves nothing more than pushing his F-16 to the limit. Returning home to South Carolina after a tragic loss, he hopes to fix the mistake he made long ago, when he chose the Air Force over his fiancée.

Becca Madison isn’t quick to welcome Thor back. She can’t forget how he shattered her heart. But Thor won’t give up once he’s set his sights on what he wants—and he wants Becca.

Thor shows Becca that he’s no longer the impulsive boy he used to be, and Becca finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. But will Thor be able to walk away from his dream of flying the F-16 for their love or does his heart belong to the sky?





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Although I've gotten a little tired of military romances recently Into the Blue didn't have that main focus. We got more of the relationship home environment which I liked and in addition to that I'm a sucker for those reunion stories. There were a couple things I didn't quite agree with however I actually support the fact that their relationship ended when and how it did and why it did because it felt like both our h/h needed time to mature. Both Thor and Becca needed time to pursue their lives and their desires/dreams and the selfishness of expecting the other to sacrifice that is something that stands in the childish realm to me. It takes a real adult to handle and understand the needs of both wanting a family and the needs of someone who wants to be in the military. Despite the fact that I felt the ending solution and the past could have been handled a little differently I was happy with how Thor and Becca were brought to and meshed together.





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