Under By Vengeance (Surrender Collection #3) by Kayla Stonor

Under By Vengeance (Romantic Suspense Spies) (Surrender Collection Book 3) - Kayla Stonor, Travis Luedke

He ruined her career. She locked him in chastity.

Deep undercover, a mission to take down an international trafficking ring leads Jenna Tayler into the dark side of sexual slavery — an exclusive conspiracy selling wealthy women retribution for their wayward men. To infiltrate the Kabas operation, she’s forced to turn against her fellow agent, Ryan Crichten.

Maddeningly arrogant. British. Sexy alpha male. Ryan signed up for any mission, whatever the cost, but his reactions to being abducted must ring true or Jenna’s cover is blown. Everything Jenna learned about safe, sane and consensual is scrapped. To keep Ryan alive and maintain cover, she must force him into submission.

She’ll do whatever it takes, but he’s not making the job easy.

Ryan believes Jenna to be CIA, on assignment to London. She catches his eye and throws him off-balance, but she’s in way over her head. When he pulls her off the team — for her own protection — she abducts him. The woman’s gone off the deep end, hell bent on subjecting him to constant sexual frustration. His elite spy training never prepared him for sensual torture, and the mixed signals from Jenna confuse the hell out of him.

She’s hiding something, and not just the key to his manhood.





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I thought this book was really well written however I didn't particularly care for the position that Ryan was put in. That really affected the way I felt about the over all story and the relationship as well as the sex. While some will enjoy the excitement of the underlining plot I need the man on top and in control of these situations.







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