Helix: Episode 1 (Helix #1) by Nathan M. Farrugia

Helix: Episode 1 (Helix) - Nathan M Farrugia

To most, she was an ordinary girl from post-Soviet Russia. But to the covert agency that recruited her she was something much more. The agency is a collector of genetic anomalies; forging gifted children into their most deadly weapon: black operatives.

Seven years later, Olesya leads a team of hunters on a dangerous assignment. Her targets are black operatives: elusive, genetically enhanced, and unstoppable. From the bio-clinics of Brazil to the icy borderlands of Kaliningrad, from the catacombs of Lithuania to the citadel of occupied Prague, Olesya is at the heart of a war against a powerful, malevolent organization that wants total control.

But as operatives and hunters start to vanish, Olesya discovers they aren’t the only players in this deadly game …








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I think Nathan Farrugia is an author that really hasn't had enough credit for how great he is. I really enjoy his writing. Farrugia has got a great talent for being able to create his world and drawing you in with enough detail that you want more every time.

His worlds are so vast that he could make multiple series split off from one book because of their scope.

I am always impressed. I have to admit that's a major thing because his genre of work isn't always the kind of works I am interested in reading but when I have a chance to read his work I am on it and I love it from start to finish.

Helix is intense its in depth and it takes you for an unbelievable ride through some mind blowing conflicts that make some serious gains in the sci fi fantasy world. I really hope to see this series continue long into the future. I want to know what happens next!

I could easily see Farrugia standing up beside James Patterson in his writing - what a great read!







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