New and Available from Debra Webb and Regan Black: Heavy Artillery Husband

Heavy Artillery Husband (Colby Agency: Family Secrets) - Regan Black, Debra Webb

Husband and wife reunite in USA TODAY bestselling authors Debra Webb & Regan Black's sizzling Colby Agency: Family Secrets series!


HEAVY ARTILLERY HUSBAND, the second in the Colby Agency Family Secrets, has plenty of mystery and suspense! Be sure to get your copy TODAY wherever books are sold. It's available in paperback and ebook everywhere books are sold in stores and on line!


Heavy Artillery Husband

When someone tries to kill security expert Sophia Leone on a dark road, she's rescued by her husband—a US army general she thought died a year ago. Suddenly, Frank Leone is back, very much alive, and insisting that someone is trying to kill Sophia. Convicted of treason before his supposed death, Frank claims a shadow group is behind everything. Now Sophia must put her life in the hands of the handsome desperado she married for better or worse thirty years ago…the man she never stopped loving.


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