Mated by the Stallion by Olivia Myers

Paranormal Horse Shapeshifter Romance: Mated by the Stallion (Mail Order Bride Western Romance) (New Adult Historical Womens Fiction Romantic) - Olivia Myers

Kissing a total stranger during a train robbery wasn't something she'd planned on happening, but when the masked man grabbed her and kissed her, she kissed him back before she could stop herself.

Meeting her husband to be, she realized he was the train robber who'd kissed her. Shock filled her, and she had to find out all his secrets.

Samuel had more than just one. As a horse-shifter, and a rich man who had no need for robbing trains, he did it to give back to the poor.








My Review:

Despite being slightly silly the story actually has potential but is lacking and falling short in too many places. This book has a lot of editing that it needs as well as some character maturing and detail as well as world building but its still an alright read.








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