I... AM... PEEVED...

Authors ... don't request me to be in your "Review Crew" if you don't allow reviewers that read your books to express honest opinions, and don't tell me that you welcome all ratings when you ask me to join when you've built a reputation for removing anyone that doesn't give you a five star review from the group then asking said persons to remove the review crew tag from their reviews if they aren't five star ratings.


I get that you think you wrote the great American novel but I can assure you my three star rating was justified along with the four star ratings I gave two other books you wrote. Four isn't exactly a bad thing in my opinion and I don't think four stars is something to have a shit fit over.


I understand if you want to ensure that your books maintain high ratings but I don't work that way. I either rate honestly or not at all. Trying to buy my ratings by offering more of your books in exchange for an extra star isn't worth my time because I can guarantee those four stars are going to shrink very quickly.


You can keep your review crew and your books. I'll keep my integrity.