Stolen Memories by Sherrel Lee

Stolen Memories,  a  Magical Steamy romance - Sherrel Lee

Memories are locked away, and must be released to banish the wrongs that have been done.

A Stolen Hearts Valentines Tale

Kinsey loved Shawn too much to risk the consequences of being together, forcing her to make him leave. The wrong choice would open forbidden lovers to pain, banishment, and death. He is a warlock, she a lowly quarterling. They come from different worlds, worlds that have warred for centuries and their love is doomed. Until someone steals the locket and key left to her by her mother and Kinsey must make the call and ask for Shawn's help. . . The Stolen memories of a witches’ coven must be released if the two are to have their only chance at love.







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Way too short. Waaaay too short. I wanted more of this world, more of our h/h, wanted so much more everything. Its meant as a novella because its only 40 plus pages which is great for people that have such busy schedules that they have only have a short time to really delve into reading. The story works that way but I liked it so much I wanted more of it. So the lack of length reduced the rating from 5 stars to 4 however I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that Lee maybe expands on this idea in the future.




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Note: Received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review