Blood Bond by Alicia Rayn

Blood Bond - Alicia Ryan

Roxanna Collins thinks her life as a Vegas singer is going nowhere - until she's dragged back in time by a vampire to Regency England. While Darren tries to convince her vampires are real and that they are the perfect match, Roxanna sets about getting gainful employment as a singer in a gentlemen's club.

Every singer needs a piano player, and sweet, vulnerable Phillip Branham is a natural, but Roxanna's modern ways threaten to send him running every time she opens her mouth. Phillip's heart overrides his sensibilities, however, and he's there for Roxanna, even when Darren isn't.

But Darren knows all Roxanna's secrets, and he gives her things she fears she can't live without.

As does Phillip.

Must she choose or can she have them both?









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Blood Bond is one of those cross genres with the pararotic blend without any heavy rotic. Despite expecting more considering its a menage type romance it had decent romance. The whole three way relationship is always something that you have to sort of lean into slowly because you have the complexity of multiple pursuers and an indecisive female that wants the best of both worlds. The time travel thing was only so so for me, I thought it would have been just as good if it didn't have the travel aspect and could have been expanded on but I liked all the characters and I liked the authors creative details. The book had potential to be so much more but its well written and is entertaining and there's just enough there that I hope to see more of these guys in the future cameo or otherwise.







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Note: I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from the Author