Movie Night: Pride and Prejudice Zombies

Pride and Prejudice Zombies













Five sisters in 19th century England must cope with the pressures to marry while protecting themselves from a growing population of zombies.






















Really not sure what I was expecting, I wasn't one of the people who got to read the book first before seeing the movie which I think I should have done to give me an idea what it was about. The movie was okay although the relationships were lacking emotional depth it was interesting but I wish they'd done more with the female warrior aspect considering the fact that they spent so much time talking about it. A second thing I wasn't overly impressed with were the girls in white gloves and dresses punching their fists through the faces of zombies and not getting a speck of blood on them.

How do you punch your white gloved fist through a zombies bloody face and not have a drop on you? This happened quite a lot in the movie. Blood spraying everywhere and not a drop on the girls doing the killing. Is this a way for them to use the image of them being a fighter but still a lady kind of thing or was it just over looked in the middle of using all that gore? I wish they'd explored their characters more in some way that way we care about why they do what they do. It was still a good movie just a little lacking.