The Darkness of Shadows by Chris Little

The Darkness of Shadows - Chris  Little

Natalie’s parents weren't the nurturing type—and she has the physical and emotional wounds to prove it. For sixteen years she’s hidden behind a wall of sarcasm and decadent desserts, but now her father is back, and she has only one thought: to kill him before he can hurt the family that took her in.

But there’s more to his darkness than even his own daughter can understand, and a gun is no defense against magic that can raise the dead.

It turns out those scars he left on Natalie’s back were more than just a sadistic hobby. Now her father demands that she finish a ritual so ancient, so terrifying, that even the vampires and werewolves are nervous.

Can anyone protect her?











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Um... This book had potential to be something really great however every time the author wrote down "like a..." I cringed at the result. and it continued from there. Nat wanted vengeance but never did anything to get it. She wanted to find a way of making sense of the madness inside of her and the darkness inside of her but really doesn't do anything about it and winds up in neutral regardless of provocation. I kept thinking - just do something already but no. As a psychological thriller there isn't any psychology and really not much emotional exploration as far as where Nat is mentally other than she's angry and temperamental. If the author had been able to explore more emotional depth I think the story could have been good. I also think the book shouldn't have been a cliffhanger for a second book because it just drew out things that really should have been resolved in this book.







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