Furies: An Ancient Alexandrian Thriller by D.L. Johnstone

Furies: An Ancient Alexandrian Thriller - D.L. Johnstone

36 AD - The city of Alexandria is a center of Roman commerce—and a sinful playground for the pleasure-seeking rich and powerful.

For wealthy merchant Decimus Tarquitius Aculeo, however, Alexandria has become a living hell. Ruined by a string of mysterious investment disasters, abandoned by friends and family, Aculeo is desperate to recover his wealth and status.

Aculeo's search for the reasons behind his downfall draws him into a web of violence. A common slave is found murdered in the magnificent temple of the god Serapis. Days later, the brutalized body of a high-priced hetaira is discovered floating in a canal, after an evening entertaining the city’s elite. The grim truth soon becomes clear: A ruthless killer is moving among Alexandria’s aristocrats, commercial titans, and philosophers.

Ominous clues connect those murders to Aculeo’s own quest. Aided by an Egyptian mortuary attendant, a brilliant philosopher, an exotic hetaira, and his last remaining friends, Aculeo must unmask and stop a deadly murderer if he is ever to reclaim the life he has lost.

But first, he must survive…












My Review:

I enjoyed reading Furies wort's and all. Sure, it could have used a few improvements but I thought the ancient mystery suspense was a great idea. Its different, its uncommon and its a time when tv shows and movies around these times are becoming more of a trend.

I really liked how DL thought big scale instead of keeping cast and setting to a minimum since you can get the feel that the world is a much bigger place in the authors mind. I wish we as a reader had gotten more development in understanding them all but I was happy with what we got however briefly.

I look forward to seeing more  writings by DL later down the line and hope we get more of this world in possible future installments.







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