In the House of Five Dragons by Erica Lindquist

In the House of Five Dragons - Erica Lindquist, Aron Christensen

He is not the hero they remember. This is not the world he knew.

Thirty years have passed since the bloody battle of Njorn Pass, since Rikard Mazrem traded his life away to the Alterra to save his dying men. Defeat became victory and an empire was born. For decades, the people of Carce have revered Rikard as a hero.

But now Rikard has returned to find the world changed. Or perhaps he is the one who has changed..











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Well I spent the largest amount of time while reading this book being confused and despite getting a slight? explanation and resolution. I was actually kind of disappointed in the anti climatic ending since it just seemed too simple and too easy to an issue I felt could have been so much more as part of the story without the issue that could have been easily known from the beginning. I think? As I said, I was left mostly confused for most of this one. Although I have to admit it was a good read.







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