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Dear Reader,


THE FRIENDS WE KEEP is available today in trade paperback, ebook and audio!


I am completely fascinated by the everyday dramas in the lives of women. Whether I'm catching up with friends, or getting to know someone new, I just love the way we share intimate stories with each other of love and loss, the fears that keep us up at night, and the joys that keep us going another day. We women connect with each other at a soul-deep level…and those are the stories I like to write.


Nicole's story is pure romance. Wait until you see how she meets the man she's destined to love! Let's just say, it is most decidedly (and humorously) not love at first sight. Gabby's story is going to make all the moms and stepmoms out there catch their breath. This could happen to your family. Hayley's story is going to speak to all the women out there who want something that remains frustratingly out of reach. Is there ever a point where it makes sense to let go of a dream?


Gabby, Hayley, and Nicole will get into your heart, just like your real-life friends. You'll be there for them through the challenges, and you'll rejoice at the happiness they find. Click here to read an excerpt of THE FRIENDS WE KEEP!

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If you haven't yet visited Mischief Bay, don't worry—THE FRIENDS WE KEEP is a standalone novel that can be read on its own. It's an excellent selection for book clubs because of the "what would you do," emotionally complex situations.

If your book club selects THE FRIENDS WE KEEP, and you'd like to chat with me about the book, please email my assistant at I'd love to hear what you think, and share some insight into my writing process.