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cover: Fire and Ice


FIRE AND ICE (Firemen do it Hotter Book 1)

Grady Donovan, a firefighter with the Appleton Fire Department, spots Chelsey Daniels teaching at the local ice skating arena. The sexy former international champion has curves in all the right places, and a smile that lights up the room with a personality to match. She causes a five-alarm blaze inside him and only she can put it out.

During the height of her skating career, when her only remaining relative passed away, Chelsey made the decision to return to Wisconsin to raise her four younger siblings. The man she married years later turned out to be an alcoholic, and then died when the mineshaft he was working in collapsed. Chelsey vowed to never have a relationship with an alcoholic or someone who works in a dangerous career.

When Chelsey meets gorgeous red-hot firefighter, Grady Donovan, she gets to know the man who is everything she could want. However, when she finds out he's a recovering alcoholic, it puts the skids on her budding relationship. Alcoholism and dangerous profession—the two things she had promised herself to steer clear of in a relationship.

Grady has been sober for eight years, and Chelsey decides he's too important to lose. But when he is nearly killed as he's rescuing victims from an apartment fire, Chelsey helps nurse him back to health. The moment he's well, she intends to leave. She can't go through losing the man she loves ever again.



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[cover: Roses and Rodeo]


Roses and Rodeo

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Four sensational cowboy stories from four of the Butterscotch Martini Girls. This box set is built around Cheyenne McCray's popular Roses & Rodeo, which is part of her Rough and Ready series.

In addition to Cheyenne's Roses & Rodeo, you will also get three brand new stories by three other Butterscotch Martini Girls:

The new stories in this set include Slingin' Bull by Kayce Lassiter (Delta Jane Series-paranormal), Always Look Forward by Tia Dani (historical), and Rodeo Rose by Tina Gerow (paranormal). The heat level for this set runs from low to high, so there is something here for everyone!



eBook: Purchase for a limited time for only 99 cents!

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