Ghost Talker (Ghost Seer #4) by Robin D. Owens

Ghost Talker (The Ghost Seer Series Book 4) - Robin D. Owens

An angry poltergeist is stirring up trouble at Buffalo Bill’s grave, and Clare and Zach have been hired to investigate. Assisting them on the case as usual is their ghost dog Enzo, but they’re also aided by the restless ghost of Bill’s friend, Texas Jack. Meanwhile, the most well-known psychic in Denver is angered by Clare’s involvement in the case and will do whatever it takes to stop her.

Of course, facing threats both living and undead are nothing new for Clare and Zach. Their relationship has weathered many storms. But there is a growing danger inside of Clare that could tear them both apart...









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I liked the conversations between Tex and Enzo because you get your ghost buddy and ghost puppy and it just becomes comical. Its funny getting the whole depiction of how a dog would be interpreted into a person mentality wise so I love all the conversations Enzo gets to be a part of.

Clare seems a bit more testy as far as her limitations on patience this time around and it comes out in her relationship with Zach for a large portion of the book. My biggest bug that annoyed me was the whole "Love.. Love - er.. Love?" debate/nick name and reluctance during love making moments because it causes a stall out in the mood.

But I also liked that they found a way through both good times and bad together so you get an even mix of forward and back in their emotional stage of their relationship.

Over all I thought this was a great read and I always have a good time with Owens Ghost Seer series.






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Note: I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley Publishing