Viking Grave ( Encircled By Gold #1) by Leah Grant

Viking Grave (Encircled by Gold Book 1) - Leah Grant

Riikka Toivonen is obsessed with three things: the paranormal, having hot Viking fantasies, and drinking far too much coffee. After Riikka finds a gold artifact in her pocket following a trip to a Viking grave site, she lights a candle and finds she isn't home alone. An image of a man appears and the more she interacts with him, the more tangible he becomes. He's hot, he's a Viking, and she wants to bed him badly. The catch—he wants more from Riikka than just a romp.

What's a girl have to do to get some action? Lust takes over and Riikka tells him she will commit to him for all time if that is what will finally get him into bed. After making the pledge she finds herself transported back in time and into a life she left unfinished—her own. The rough-edged Viking Thorstein takes Riikka on a journey of second chances and hopes in the end she will choose to commit to him—forever.







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Riikka came off a little overly touchy and emotional over the slightest things as a first impression so I wasn't overly interested in her as a start but some of her interests were of course a draw for her sudden ghostly love interest but her reason for not understanding why Thor would choose her was just a little lame for me.

The whole "I've been with a couple people casually, why would you want me?" question put me off. What? A couple people casually. Was that supposed to make her a slut or something in her mind?

Anyway. Add in Thor's instant me he-man you slave thump chest I dictate you listen wasn't very sexy. He should have told her how she was alluring or talked about her beauty. Instead he talked about how he could sense her need for real love and seemed to equal love with sex and how badly she needed to get laid the right way and he was the one to give it to her. Eh??

The story changes half way through the book and improves but the relationship never really cements itself enough for me to believe in either character or why they're together other than the sex which is decent but as formula dictates they fall in love anyway including the twist.

The story could use some slight improvements but has enough to maintain interest for future installments.







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Note: I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from The Author